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Body Confident

We support your journey to radical self-acceptance and unlocking your full potential. From wellness to wealth, enjoy tools, tips, and hacks you’ll reach for every day. Because when you’re confident, anything is possible!

Radically True

Feel worthy in your body and discuss hard truths with confidence in a supportive environment. We want you to unveil your real and raw self to grow in confidence without ever compromising what makes you, you.


Our Community is a safe and nurturing space advocating for change. Discover your confidence wolf pack in thought-provoking discussions, game-changing live streams and build lifelong connections

The BodCon app is a powerful resource and tool to help you increase your body confidence.

We’re reimagining confidence development, connection and growth. A safe digital space for every body.

We strive in a space of raw authenticity, because, let’s be real, the journey to confidence isn’t linear. Our community stands to challenge societal norms and is a safe digital space for every body to be their true selves. We’re the ultimate resource across for confidence, no matter what that looks like to you.

The Confidence Series

Watch a collection of confidence-boosting content created by our favorite confidence influencers in the space.

The BodPod Podcast

The BodPod is a weekly podcast that dives deep into the people, brands, and topics that are making a difference in the way we view confidence.

The BodCon Events

Every year we host the #1 Body Confidence Conference in the World, with top-tier changemakers who empower us to improve our relationships with our bodies.

The BodTalks

Interact with other experts, professionals, influencers and creators during Live streamed intimate events, exclusively on the app.

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Use the BodCon app to inspire daily body confidence, prompt your daily journaling and to celebrate your growth with our community every day.

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Get access to app-exclusive giveaways from our favorite brands that are guaranteed to boost your confidence, self-care and self-love.

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